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Keep in the loop.

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MINI and your mobile in harmony.

Stay in the loop while you’re out on the road. Connect your mobile to your MINI via Bluetooth to make and receive calls without taking your hands off the wheel – simply use the steering wheel buttons or voice control. You can also access other stuff on your phone, like your playlists and contacts. Handy, huh?

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MINI Connected. MINI steering wheel. MINI Bluetooth
1. Check your car equipment.

There are a couple of things you’ll need to connect your device up to your MINI:

In your MINI


Bluetooth hands-free interface.


  • Wireless connection to Bluetooth-enabled mobiles.
  • The ability to browse your music library.

In your MINI  


Enhanced Bluetooth mobile preparation.


  • An interface for hands-free telephone calls.
  • A centre armrest that’s ideal for storing a mobile phone.
  • A 3-spoke leather steering wheel with multifunction for steering wheel including cruise control.
  • The base for an optional snap-in adaptor, allowing you to connect and charge your mobile through a slot in the armrest.

Don’t have any of these? Check out our Accessory showroom online.

Not sure if you've got them? Ask your MINI Centre.

MINI Connected
2. Check your device is compatible.

MINI works with all the leading manufacturers, so chances are you’ll be able to connect without a hitch. Take our three-step check.

  • Select your MINI
  • Select device
  • Check functions overview
MINI 3 Door Hatch. MINI Connected
3. Pair your device with your MINI.

Only connect your device when the vehicle is stationary.

In your MINI

Add a new device

Go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Add new device


On your device

Search for your MINI

Go to Settings > Bluetooth (make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device)


On your device

Select your MINI and set a passkey

Select the Bluetooth name of your MINI and set a passkey.


In your MINI

Enter your passkey

Enter the same passkey, and once confirmed, select the function that you would like to use the device for.



The device is now connected, and displayed on the list of devices.


For more information, or help on anything else, go to the MINI Driver’s Manual.

Not Connected Yet?

Download the software update.

Refresh your MINI’s software and make sure you’re completely up to date. Download the update below to a USB device, plug it into your MINI’s USB port and it will automatically upload.

Check our FAQs.

Something bugging you? Have a scan of our FAQS, you’ll be able to find a solution to most problems there.

Still a bit stuck?

Our specialists are here to help. Just let us know how we can assist, and we’ll be in touch.