Tyre insurance. Drive carefree.

MINI Tyre Insurance
MINI Original Tyres and MINI Tyre Insurance

MINI Original tyres for good reasons.

MINI Tyre Insurance keeps its promise. When you buy MINI Original Tyres or Complete Wheel Sets with star marking, they are automatically insured for 36 months*. The insurance begins on the day of purchase from your MINI Service Partner and it is absolutely free of charge. This asssures years of driving fun with your MINI Original Tyres.

MINI Tyre Insurance refunds and costs
Up to 100 % refund.

Under MINI Tyre Insurance, up to 100 % of the tyres’ costs are refunded when a claim is made.*


MINI Tyre Insurance includes:

- Tyre damage caused by a sharp object (e.g. nail or broken glass).

- Damage caused by hitting the kerb.

- Vandalism.

- Theft.

* Only the tyre is insured. Damage to or theft of the rim is excluded. Please consult your MINI Service Partner for further details. MINI Tyre Insurance is a product of Allianz Versicherungs-AG.